I UK [bʌz] / US verb
Word forms "buzz":
present tense I/you/we/they buzz he/she/it buzzes present participle buzzing past tense buzzed past participle buzzed
1) [intransitive] when an insect such as a fly or bee buzzes, it makes a rough continuous sound
a) [intransitive] used about machines or electric tools that make a similar sound when they are being used

Saws were buzzing everywhere.

b) [intransitive] to move somewhere while buzzing
buzz around/by/past etc:

Flies were buzzing around my head.

A small plane buzzed past.

c) [intransitive, usually progressive] if your ears or your head are buzzing, you can hear a continuous sound inside your head

My head was still buzzing hours after leaving the nightclub.

d) [intransitive/transitive] spoken to press a buzzer to attract someone's attention

Just buzz me when the client arrives.

Buzz if you know the answer.

a) [intransitive, usually progressive] if a place or group of people is buzzing, there is a lot of noise or activity
buzz with:

Normally the house was buzzing with cheerful conversation.

a classroom buzzing with activity

b) if someone's head, mind, or brain is buzzing with ideas, questions etc or if these are buzzing around in their head, mind, or brain, they cannot stop thinking about them
buzz with:

His mind was always buzzing with new and exciting ideas.

buzz around:

With all these questions buzzing around in my head, I couldn't sleep.

3) [transitive] informal to fly a plane low over people or buildings

The locals are fed up of being buzzed by military jets.

4) [intransitive] to move around quickly and busily
buzz around/round/about:

Jane buzzed around serving drinks and chatting to her guests.

Phrasal verbs:
II UK [bʌz] / US noun [singular]
1) the continuous sound that an insect makes
a) a sound like this made by something such as a machine

the constant buzz of the air conditioning

b) the sound of a lot of people talking at the same time

the low buzz of occasional conversation

a) informal a strong feeling of pleasure or excitement

I get a real buzz out of playing in front of an audience.

b) a lively positive feeling among a group of people or in a particular place

There's been a definite buzz about the place since the new manager arrived.

3) informal information that people are talking about that is not official and is not definitely true

The film is getting a lot of good buzz (= people are saying good things about it) in Hollywood.

The buzz among fans is that their idol is about to get married.

4) mainly American informal a pleasant feeling of being slightly drunk

English dictionary. 2014.

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